Whoa, so weird that I hadn't posted this here yet.


Working on a commission, this is the line art for Panda Annie from League of Legends~

Expressions for a rancher in a game I am currently collaborating on. ^^


Underground room (below shipping container garage) + Train

Concepts for Ross's HQ (above), train interior atmosphere (below)

Dunkstin checks in

Throwback to May 15 2012. :D I drew Dunk as Lee Sin because that was who he picked in the only game I've ever played with him, hahaha.

For Dunk's Draw Down Contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9cBRnj4kSI

Old doodle dump

Old doodle dumps. Doo doos?



Trying my hand at a cartoony knight! The design of the helmet is based on a photo I found on google but I... can't find it anywhere..  Anyways this was a quick job, there wasn't much time to play with designs in between work. ^^;; 

Aaaahh another quickie! This could be rendered way better but for now it's just a style test. Both this and the knight are raster vector.
These are some examples of items I've done awhile back on photoshop. :D

And something to prove I still animate, lol.