Sid and Erin

Some commissions from last week.

League of Legends - Morgana

Originally a pencil doodle, but I liked it enough to finish it more in photoshop~



Finally going through all the commissions, cleaned up this one and added a process gif. I don't have a systematic way of painting and it's different every time, but I'm sure some would be interested in seeing anyway.


New avatar!

Wanted to make a new avatar… hopefully I drew myself accurately enough haha.
ALSO I was gifted this sweet ass pin by a dear friend and I want to wear it EVERY DAY
I think it was done by Belen Lazer designs?


PAX East 2015

Went to PAX East today and saw some people wearing my shirt design!! I didn’t take a picture of them, but here’s one on display at a booth. 

Indies Showcase was cool this year, I was really swept away by “Masquerada: Songs and Shadows.” Their visual style is influenced by french comic books (my favorite) and interestingly, their studio is based in Singapore! They had only been in production with this game for 5 months now but their demo looked very polished. 

Another game that stood out to me was Kwaan, by studio Ankama. It’s an online adventure game: part RPG, part adventure, part pixel editor. You’re a little Dwaal, a small spirit of Nature, and your role is to satisfy KWAAN, a tree god who can drown the world in tears. You get to practice rituals, summon insects/animals, craft flowers, explore and solve puzzles. Super cute!!




joining the chromatic aberration bandwagon

also yes i am still alive eee

I made a tumblr recently which saddens me because I think blogspot is superior in every way except for its social features (or lack of, rather)... but I still plan to post here, so worry not! <3 p="">



Finally got around to coloring it. And I listened to this while working! I highly recommend seeing the movie "Lust, Caution".