Yasutaka Nakata & Kyary

Holy crap Manga Studio is so fun to draw in. *___* I'm afraid it might make my actual drawing skills become lazier, because while PS is more tedious to draw in, it's still a lot easier than pencil. Note to self, must do more pencil sketches.

Anyhow, I've decided that I need to stream more work, so I'm going to aim doing that at least once a week. It's very likely that the stuff upcoming is going to be done in MS, ahaha. I'm going to practice speed some more, might even polish up some old sketches. My stream link can be found at the right.

(This is based off of a photo of the two I saw while looking at pictures of Yasutaka Nakata... I forget why I looked him up. but this photo was so cute/funny that I really wanted to render it in a cartoony way. I think a lot of this could be pushed more, but right now I'm really happy the way it is! Photo.)

I'm gonna sleep now...