Finally got around to coloring it. And I listened to this while working! I highly recommend seeing the movie "Lust, Caution".



Managed to make it look more realistic this time. I think my eventual goal is to keep going until I can make a convincing full-body study. Vampy palette for October. ;]

I've had this song on repeat lately too, but anybody who knows me knows this already


Fox girl

commission quickie


I think I did a good job?? Must churn out portraits for the rest of the year..



Redid a character, boy was he due for an update...


Costume and Warthog concepts

Creating some enemies for one of the games I've been working on. :D A warthog is going to be one of them, but unfortunately it was difficult for me to tear away from parallels to Pumba (from Lion King)... so, as a result I sorta "borrowed" an earlier design I did for something else a year ago.

Also, have some peasant dresses and a soldier!


"Part 2"

Webcam in low lighting. ...I may or may not take a better picture at some other point.


Adventures in paint

RIP Paint sketch. Couldn't find my watercolors. Don't have acrylics. Brushes are missing. Adventures to be continued. D:


Stuff for people

Commission from dA. Characters are named Phee and Abel!

 Splashwork for Clockwork Climber. (Support the game!!)

Colored that Annie from earlier.

My Little Pony cosplay....


Plant stuff!

Inconsistent blog stuff, yay! Practicing environmental stuff too. There's a whole slew of reference photos I took at the Dallas Arboretum that I still have to go through, actually. o.o


Design practice

Testing around with some different styles, a biiiit of Total Drama Island was inspired here.
Not really as proud of the yellow one but that's progress I guess. I do wanna push it more though, inb4 HMMM YEAH I DON'T KNOW THIS IS STILL ANIME



Character for a game I contributed towards! Might be adding more in the future. You can find the game here.


Whoa, so weird that I hadn't posted this here yet.


Working on a commission, this is the line art for Panda Annie from League of Legends~

Expressions for a rancher in a game I am currently collaborating on. ^^


Underground room (below shipping container garage) + Train

Concepts for Ross's HQ (above), train interior atmosphere (below)

Dunkstin checks in

Throwback to May 15 2012. :D I drew Dunk as Lee Sin because that was who he picked in the only game I've ever played with him, hahaha.

For Dunk's Draw Down Contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9cBRnj4kSI

Old doodle dump

Old doodle dumps. Doo doos?



Trying my hand at a cartoony knight! The design of the helmet is based on a photo I found on google but I... can't find it anywhere..  Anyways this was a quick job, there wasn't much time to play with designs in between work. ^^;; 

Aaaahh another quickie! This could be rendered way better but for now it's just a style test. Both this and the knight are raster vector.
These are some examples of items I've done awhile back on photoshop. :D

And something to prove I still animate, lol.