Yay! LoL Merch~

I totally forgot to update about this! So, if you remember the J!NX Contest awhile back, I won it! I was so excited but.. but then I found out that they changed the shirt color to this light blue that I don't think meshes well with the palette I chose on the characters. ): It's still very exciting though.

You can buy them here.

Sketches I don't think I've posted

I'm really sorry I don't have real stuff! I'd been working on game art and I think I'm starting to get better. I'm also starting to enjoy the cleaner, graphic look of illustrator as well. Well, more on that later. :p

 Some old sketch I had forgotten, did them during an art block. I really liked the proportions :o
 Julian Casablancas~ *hearts*
 Old linework I was figuring out on an old commission piece.
 Hisao. ;)
 Practicing eyeees, top to bottom is old to new. I think I got better!

 Another commission piece! A model sheet. Vague "nudes" are the best nudes.
I've been playing Katawa Shoujo lately and man, what inspiration. The prose may not be the most poetic and the characters may be "generic moe" or whatever, but man do I love the interaction dialogue that goes on in the second half of the game. I love Lilly, but I really resonate with Rin.

This was a commission piece, for the character Aubrie~

That's all, thanks for looking!