Yoooo I've been watching/listening to much Jay Chou and New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre lately. I really like how the finish came out here, hoping it'll be more consistent in my future posts. There's a noticeable difference from just my last two posts I think. :O Ugh, need to force myself to draw more outside of work...



More LoL stuff, Hai_L9 from the first team in LCS history to win 11 games consecutively <3 p="">
Felt inspired to draw a human version of my new baby mini lop Biscotti.. *__*) omfg she is so cute. The dude on the right is just another doodle.


Yay! LoL Merch~

I totally forgot to update about this! So, if you remember the J!NX Contest awhile back, I won it! I was so excited but.. but then I found out that they changed the shirt color to this light blue that I don't think meshes well with the palette I chose on the characters. ): It's still very exciting though.

You can buy them here.

Sketches I don't think I've posted

I'm really sorry I don't have real stuff! I'd been working on game art and I think I'm starting to get better. I'm also starting to enjoy the cleaner, graphic look of illustrator as well. Well, more on that later. :p

 Some old sketch I had forgotten, did them during an art block. I really liked the proportions :o
 Julian Casablancas~ *hearts*
 Old linework I was figuring out on an old commission piece.
 Hisao. ;)
 Practicing eyeees, top to bottom is old to new. I think I got better!

 Another commission piece! A model sheet. Vague "nudes" are the best nudes.
I've been playing Katawa Shoujo lately and man, what inspiration. The prose may not be the most poetic and the characters may be "generic moe" or whatever, but man do I love the interaction dialogue that goes on in the second half of the game. I love Lilly, but I really resonate with Rin.

This was a commission piece, for the character Aubrie~

That's all, thanks for looking!


League of Legends: Bloodmoon Akali, Ashe, Vladimir, Caitlin

I was pleasantly surprised at how these turned out! :3 I hadn't been drawing as much because of league of legends; as of late, I had been practicing my ADC and support. I had recently gotten another friend to join, and he's currently learning how to play, so I had been gone for that reason as well hah. Another dear friend had her birthday April so I drew her a belated gift--a portrait of her favorite skin. :3

And a doodle I did for a friend on Gaia Online:


League of Legends Champs IRL Contest entries!

Woo! I've submitted two entries for the Champs IRL Shirt design contest! I originally wanted to submit more since I wasn't sure if these two ideas weren't unisex enough... I'm beating myself up because I tried to enter the comic contest as well and that took way longer, only for me to not be satisfied with it. :[ My other ideas included something like LeBlanc and the Seven yordles, Heimerdinger blinding girls with science, etc etc. Anyways these are my two entries! Vote for me or whoever else you like!! 


Some stuff from last week

I joined a daily sketch group on facebook to jumpstart my blog again... ><
 Amethyst Ashe from League of Legends! I decided t buy skins for the first time... felt dirty spending money on some pixels, but I loved this skin for awhile and have been playing Ashe a lot, so I just went for it. D8 I gotta say... feels very satisfying playing with this skin finally hahah.

 Friend asked me to draw a Raichu with glasses, I drew myself as a sleeping Wigglytuff!
 I don't think I've ever draw plants up close before. I really like tropical leaves.

A recolor of a commission piece

That's it! Thanks for looking. <3>


Something slightly different

Ross and Vera's age seem to fluctuate just slightly based on how I feel at the moment, haha. Here he's looking younger and Vera older. I don't think much changed about Vera except that she's wearing makeup... defined eyebrows, lashes and dark lipstick.

I had a dream about Ross the other night and woke up in guilt from how long it had been since I last drew him. I'm sorry, it's been busy.

Anyways, I think the dream is pushing me to do something a little more espionage-like with the story--how I had originally intended, anyway. It just.. seems more fun and less melodramatic than the rewrite!

Ugh what am I doing awake, I have to return to Boston tomorrow.