This is it.

It's summer, and I'll be officially starting my biggest project yet with these two kids. Don't worry, Vera and Ross won't be shoved aside! They're going to also be finally drawn in sequential format as well; I'm aiming for a one-shot volume with them. :D

I'll be exposing my power level over 9000 this summer, so thanks so much for all of your support and believing in me! It was hard building some recognition and credit growing up (especially to your own family) and it still is, but I think I've at least finally proved to myself that I can draw comics professionally for once. It's funny that ever since 4th grade, I used to wonder at the end of every year if I were good enough yet. Now that I'm here, I'm so excited.

For all you graduates, I wish you luck on your future endeavors as well! Life isn't so bad if you work hard and smart.



Sorry. I kept forgetting to put more WIPs up since I was struggling with this. I'd say it was an experimental failure... it's like I forgot how to color or something. even though I kind of gave up, it's still pretty cute.
HAHAH I hate this so much, smh. Background isn't even mine, I painted over a pre-existing one because I'm running out of time. I'm surprised that the line I drew to mark the sidewalk was pretty accurate, though.

Laid down rough flats, marked where the light source would be, "horizon" etc
I didn't really liked the coloring--so I deleted it and started the line art on Ross instead.

A trail of WIPs as I update along.