Do it!

Exercise and closeup of model


Stewardess wip

Man, I always forget to take WIP shots. But the plane was basically built in three layers. The first image is a revised final.



Spent only an hour there, but it was one of the best hours ever. I set one of the photos I took as my wallpaper. XD

Yet another animation background

Wow, I think I'm finally feeling OK enough to paint that other background WIP I abandoned last winter!


('A `

Design sketch of a train interior for animation project. Also cool, 70 followers and none being robots, unlike twitter! :D


It hurts.

I did a lot of experimentation with hatching. It doesn't look it, but I did. I did.


Happy belated New Year's!

Here's Vera looking like a lesbian. I was exploring ethnicities--maybe I should draw a bunch of people who would be from her home "country"?