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Don't worry, you don't have to get it. I wish I could have extended the second page, but the limit was only 2.

The Tortoise & The Hare

I totally want to be a comic artist. God damn it I should have drawn a naruto headband instead of the cat ears!


I've been thinking about my comic project lots and I figure it's time to store all the inspirations that lead up to it. It's a lot to write down and present visually, so a tumblr would have been great for it (as it easily supports video, audio, photos and text all in one.)

It's fairly new and not much is in it yet, but please check it every now and then! Perhaps these resources will inspire you as well. Maybe it will give you a better feel of my aesthetics/style preference? Or at least an idealized combination of styles. This blog here is more of a record of sketches and technical experimentation, so I promise Tumblr will be different and interesting to keep track of. :3


Now all that's left is twitter, and then I'll be complete in the world of online social communities D;



Such striking portraiture in documentary photography--well, except that girl over there with the two sets of butts.

Also here is some food for thought:

“Documentary, he says, is ‘stark record.’ Any alteration or manipulation of the facts, for propaganda or other reasons, he considers ‘a direct violation of our tenets.’ [Evans] was shocked when his FSA colleague Arthur Rothstein was found to have moved the cow’s skull, because ‘that’s where the word ‘documentary’ holds: you don’t touch a thing. You ‘manipulate,’ if you like, when you frame a picture-one foot one way or one foot another. But you’re not sticking anything in.’ For Evans, documentary is actuality untouched….” -Stott, William (Documentary Expression and Thirties America).


The issue of objectivity and subjectivity is constantly butting with the concept of documentary photography.

Subjective standpoints depend on the judgements of particular times, places and people, so it can’t be the same thing as objective truths—

circumstances are brought upon us and we encapture it through our own perceiving.

On the subject of objectivity in documentary photography, photojournalism was developed more keenly around the 1930s through the photographic unit of the FSA, depicting harsh visual truths of rural poverty.

The photographs are not a replication of experience. They only build a connection of awareness to the viewer. The viewer may be disturbed, but is the image understood? That is—can the image present itself to the viewer on a collective whole rather than something exclusive?

Isn’t the core of the image relevant, pertaining to reality and morality—whether it was manipulated or not? (In Rothstein’s case, it is difficult to avoid the fact that there was a drought occurring whether the cow’s skull was laying on a sparse grassy area or not.)

What is documentary truth?


Men love pink.

Fact. Also another fact: a new animatic is coming up soon. This is a frame! Minus the pink.


Halloween in Ragnarok

Weak everything on lower body, but that's because i was more concerned with thinking about atmosphere/color/lighting on the head.


I am just all complaints this month, it seems. >:O Currently ready for the following months, but I'll miss the warm weather. How's your september been?


My aunt's birthday!

Messing around with different coloring styles, realized that it doesn't work as well for caricatures, refilled it with quick coloring. :c If only I had known; I would've used thicker lines.
I wish I could do caricatures for everyone's birthday but there are too many people. T__T


Glade Design And Shine (hurr)

I figured, if you enter a bunch of unimportant sweepstakes at once you're bound to win something, right? Also yay, I somehow reached 50 watchers! Sorry there is no drawing to go with this post, I've been too feverish to have the energy to draw at night. D:

Until next time~


How to make Bubble Tea