Vera and Glasses

I still don't know his name. But, yes! Nemuri drew this for me!! I love this and her so much. ^^
Next week I will be in Disney World, so no updates until september. This past week, I was training at the Japonaise bakery. So much awesome in one week~



Last night I gave Jenna the longest "tutorial" ever for the simplest painting technique ever. ):
I am no good at explaining things haha.


Comicopia logo contest

lol I got an honorable mention at comicopia's logo contest. that's not so bad since I sort of did this at the last minute. D:


Sketchbook from Epcot

ASHLEY OLVERA IS THE GREATEST OMG. I love drawing in this, the paper feels so gooooddddddddddd!

Leica D-LUX 3

This means I can take quality reference/documentary photos now! First image above is my delicious Bunny. Whenever she's not moving, my hand is shaking. ): Second is the flavor pump station from the Japonaise Bakery, where I was training for the day. Second is a shot of my backpack keychain while I was at a Sprint store.


Google sketchup

Well, I decided to play with google sketchup a little (finally), but I don't understand why only some of the faces are solid when all the edges are touching. >:I Maybe I'll figure it out soon after the vacation weekend..


Last year was very memorable

Especially at the end of last summer. ^_____^ Don't know why, but I see that month as an official benchmark for my skill level now. I produced a lot of small pieces to show the scale of my capabilities at the time; I think the process of refinement of my character stylization started truly growing at that point. Me and Matt's friendship grew through illustration, and even though I was not in Boston most of the time, we still covered lengthy topics like sources of inspiration, techniques and exchanged critiques--day and night. Eventually we started picking up different elements of each other's work into our own. I think this was most memorable because it was a period of fast change and new ideas.

This was done last august on the 24th, exactly two weeks after today. That's two weeks until a year. LOOK HOW CRAPPY I WAS. D: Actually I am still horrible right now--but at least there is strong progress. I still feel like I could've improved stronger than this though.

Anyways as soon as I get those strands right I want a more personal stylized method for coloring hair, preferably one that is chunkier. Right now I am taking a break from coloring/drawing hair to color/draw some more hair. Today I meant to mess around with google sketchup but I never got to. Instead I spent most of my day cleaning this poop hole I call my apartment (and three other people. Usually an additional 4th person who is a guest. Now you know why it can be so disgusting..)

I really want to try and draw something technical--at least one for this summer!!

At least I am learning some nifty things though, like clipping masks. It can be so versatile.

Also I'm thinking on doing some "tutorials" (that is, how I do things) but the more I think about it, the more complicated it gets if I want to make sure I am thorough. Doing all those examples are going to be tough..

Well anyways I was considering on one of these:
1) Anatomy
2) Hair
3) How I paint faces (not like the above lol, that one is a crapdoodle)

What do you think?

Yeah Kate has a point. A very good one haha, I forgot there were other things I wanted to do before summer was over.. things with a much higher priority.

Why it is impossible to learn how to animate with Flash

[Note: These are thoughts on a blog. Don't be offended, for this is as opinionated as it gets.]

I have a huge problem with flash, and it's not knowing how to use it. I can work in Flash just fine, but I have come to a realization that it is not a tool meant to be leaned upon when it comes to learning animation. Flash animation is a stylized form of animation, but one that is built off of essential animation principles. To learn the principles, you'd have to play with them on paper first before you'd understand it. For anything stylized, you can adapt to it AFTER the basics. Your mind can't just see it, your hand has to feel it as well--from the squash to stretch to sway to slam.

How do you learn to animate the force of a punch? The stretch of a pull? A delicate flutter? You make faces when you draw expressions.. don't you? Do you only imagine the face in your mind as you draw the expression? No. Can you animate a believable motion with only a passive arm? No. You have to project the energy of the movement from your mind to your arm.

I wish I was taught this more strictly earlier in college; instead, I was taught that Flash was more of an optional medium rather than a different (cheaper) way of animating. It CAN be used to draw high end animation, but only if you KNOW how to draw it first. Flash will never be "easier" to learn with (as most people claim since it's digital), but it may be easier to work with after you've learned animation on paper. That is the most common mistake.

Haha no, learning on a tablet screen will not work either. Not because it's closer to simulating drawing on paper, but because it doesn't feel like paper. It's like trying to understand how to kick forcefully while standing on something slippery like ice. You don't get the maximum exaggeration on synthesized lines.

It's just like what a fellow animator lectured once: Shortcuts are only illusions.


Hair project

120 hairstyles, 12 colors each; will I make it in time?!
Also, I know--anime eyes and hair. T___T Well, this isn't for myself anyway. XD

Blood lipstick or something.

Wtf is this. Started experimenting but I got too sleepy in the end. Painting is nice but I still want to work further with lineart, and its various ways of coloring/stylizing like my previous post.


Vulnerable groups in society

A doodle I wanted to try and finish up but failed so technically it's still a doodle! I'm trying to draw more characters that are 5-heads tall now. Yet another pose inspired by looney tunes. I recommend you all reference the fluidity of their character's poses for your work.


Foxorian's original character Maia

Only the lineart for now. I was practicing poses and this one seemed ridiculous enough to suit his character, bahahaha.

What color is it Stacey?

Omfg, three things became clear as soon as I finished this drawing.
1) I need to work on feet more
2) I love 90s cell phones
3) I don't know how manicures work


After so many revisions that

I made from a single commission from a client I had last month, I learned one or two new things about painting with "finish". I really had to get this out of me, so I painted a portrait to manifest my new skills and knowledge. It turns out that stylistically, there isn't much of a difference this way except that it's faster for me and that I have a better understanding of shading hair. Now onto my next experiment: technical drawings!