Who knows. Paintchat.


Google background

...is so cute! Even though I use chrome, which allows the address bar to be doubled as a search engine, I still love seeing the classroom I drew as the background. Quiet and studious, it's a beautiful thing. ;) Plus, the Google logo sits conveniently on an open space in the image.

Does anyone else use a google background? Hahah

Dumb bunny cop

I was doodling some characters and this one stuck out the most to me. Meet your favorite ditzy (almost like Reno 911) Cop. She is photogenic and I MIGHT EVEN THROW IN ANOTHER CHARACTER WITH HER TO SHOW THIS. Yeah, she was inspired by Bunny. Bunny does a lot of giddy laughs and has quite a few dumb moments, but she's loveable. The carrot top pun is unintentional, I just felt like this color matched her personality more.



Pixels are cool and stuff

I fell asleep at 12 and woke up at 2. I don't feel energized enough to draw, but I don't feel tired enough to fall asleep again, either. Note: If you feel like a sloth, go to the beach. Moving around constantly all day is a nice feeling for the body.



So much junk!! Nemuri inspired me to make this blog more cohesive and higher quality. Serge has taught me to be more patient and push my character drawings to a higher finish. Everyone is just very encouraging. I will try and improve this blog to its best! (Are the quality of the doodles better than when I first posted though? Hehe.)

Gee.. I want to make this blog a little more minimalistic looking. I might do a redesign as well. :c
This is the longest I've ever kept a blog. It's worth it!