I'm so mad that the 2-month-old sony vaio laptop I bought already died. Something about the processor or whatever, but it was so sudden and out of nowhere. The last thing I did on it was type a page in /notepad/. Maybe I should have gotten the previous model (which isn't even that old), because it had a load less problems than the one I had.

So, I haven't been getting much work done cause of this inconvienence. At least all the stuff on it is still safe. I wonder when this will get fixed..

(Maya model above done on the computers at school. Also mad that it didn't properly save the bottom half I modeled, otherwise I'd have been done today with just the head left to finish.)



It's only going to get hotter

How about.. instead of doodling to make myself feel better, I actually go and get some real work done. .-.


Model diagram

I just didn't feel like getting my usb drive and uploading it. Well, this is progress in some form, anyway! I'm going to be modelling this in Maya.


What's Vera's ethnicity..?

I decided that the cool tones worked better for the painting, but couldn't help but admire how classy and old fashioned it looked with yellow hues. XD

The other one can be found here:


5'oclock shadow

5'oclock shadow in 5'clock shadow hurhurhur
just kidding it's not stubble ):


Liz Project: Concept #1


Sorry Liz I'll finish it later today T__T;; Perhaps comics should get two days instead of one, the extra two days being for you as a break.

[PS this is just my take on Liz's concepts. Pardon me of some of it is off, haha]
I gave her a more impatient outlook on things since, being from the city, there's a lot of hustle and bustle with people always on the move. From the candy-coated way she dresses, I'd say she almost looks a bit spoiled from her parents.. XD
Pretty much EVERYBODY from the city has an object of technology to immerse themselves in, and it blocks them from the outside world. An MP3 player might seem out of place in this, but I just thought that it'd be funny to see her take it out even in the middle of the woods.

Hope you enjoy it. If you have any crit for me, please go ahead. :D


Just a reminder

What the picture says. Also I did a dumb picture on the left menu-thing today ohohoho



Celebratory Post

This is liz's character. :)
We started a little project together. She's posting the conceptual work and I'll be making short comics out of them. Updated pretty much daily by her, and once a week for me.
Check out her blog (http://lizgiggsketchblog.blogspot.com/) for more cute characters like this!


Maya, Memes, Doodles and old WIPs

It is actually really cool seeing my (SUPER ROUGH) background sketch in 3d form! Maya is becoming more enjoyable! Lajos was impressed with my walk cycle, and if I keep doing it 5 more times I'd be a pro at it. :D
The idea of modeling backgrounds (tekkon kinkreet also has a bunch of flat images on models I think?) for 2D animation sounds pretty exciting. John Lasseter definitely knew what was up when he started thinking about the combination of 2D and 3D for animation, eventually to full on 3D haha.

Last week I was feeling pretty stressed and asked Ashoree (http://stemcellkids.blogspot.com/) to do a meme with me. I also asked another friend to draw with me, and was grateful that he complied even though he doesn't really draw much. Hahah.

I really want to finish those backgrounds from the last post. @__@ Right now I'm working on a comic for Zack (http://zack-zlog.blogspot.com/) and.. I would have been a couple of pages ahead by now but losing this afternoon's work from something stupid like saving over a pre-existing file was pretty bad. Comics are hard enough the first time around! DX
But, at the same time I'm really greateful, I've been getting a lot of support from people and I know I can do this. It's just a matter of stamina and perseverance haha.

Dude I want to make artwork so that I can make prints out of finally. u__u HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE ughfalskfd.

Also I found out I can't really go to anime boston since I'm attending a wedding, hohoh. o_o

Spring break is only a week away. Oh god, the thought of all that time to work on stuff really thrills me (no, seriously.) I've been working on stuff day and night and would want some more free time haha.

In other news I'm going be working on a small bit of a project with MISS LIZ (http://lizgiggsketchblog.blogspot.com/) to help improve ourselves as artists hahaha. She's going to be posting six conceptual sketches a week, and I'll be making a short comic out of those six drawings. This way, maybe I can grow more comfortable drawing comics, and Liz can grow more as a conceptualizer. And hopefully me drawing comics will inspire both of us to do more comics. :D