Maya class..

I'm in it.
DOODLE. I don't like the body proportions in this. But the look is neat.

AAA school has started

..And that means I bought a new sketchbook! I had run out of pages on my last sketchbook. These are within the past two days or so. I started inking with a brush again recently and it's been very fun. But I still want to try and use pen nibs.. ugh, maybe I'll use half and half? Brush for bigger illustrations, etc.? I like hatching, but I like the roughness a brush can get. Nnngghh I don't know. 8C
But anyways here are some DUMB FIGURE SKETCHES; me attempting to exaggerate my poses better and show a clearer idea of body gesture. HA! I started copying some poses to loosen up. Dreamworks is a little better since they tend to be more realistic as opposed to disney's A Goofy Movie, where everything is SO cartoony that I can't fit it into my style at all.
In other news, I finally added personality to the blog with minimal effort. Haha.


Sketchbooks, Comic books, Ref Books

Nothing much going on, but here is a quick drawing of Vera. I was trying to thumbnail a test-comic page the other night but school is coming up fast. I ran to Blick's today to get more sketchbook paper, as I am down to my last few pages! Also bought more books; there was one about WW2 war birds, including timelines, an introduction to each nation's air force, model diagrams, HAND-PAINTED illustrations, and so forth! All on great quality paper, printed in the 70s. It really looks like those children's books that tell you what a car/train/airplane is. Hahah. I'm hoping these will help me draw planes better, derp. It is actually really hard to find that high of a quality of illustrations here on the internet.



I think I have a better grasp on my own style now. More consistent, at least. I mean, I HAVE been getting there all this time, just now I think I'm starting to make it refined to "me". I've been thinking about different coloring styles and so far I'm enjoying drawing thin lines. I've experimented a lot but drawing thin lines feel more solid to me.
Augh the idea of backgrounds is a pain to think about yet it's fun. Good thing I have photoshop illustration this year, I guess. Plenty of time to practice..
Also I have been reading a lot lately. I feel like a comic idea placed in an alternate 1940s is inevitable.. hahah.


Recoloring and cheap animation haha

If I felt like animating the hair this would have been cool, but I didn't, so it's not. :x Really, I just wanted to see what animating is like in CS4. I also recolored the meat raffle girl with a different process, though I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was better than the last, at least. Hey, there's a blank space where the meat basket is supposed to be! FILL-IN-THE-BLANK-FUN


Photo Booth & Some Figures

Doodles done in the early AM.. all on different days, though. Oldest one is below, A couple of days after Christmas I think?


(I usually hide/trash everything unless people ask to see.)

I have so many GOOFY doodles and practice drawings everywhere that I trash instead of hold on to. Anything outside of my sketchbook that doesn't go to yanyu.deviantart.com lives no longer than 24 hours. Maybe holding onto them will show some interesting progress? Though, these aren't really meant for "show" and they certainly aren't very professional sometimes.. that's why I throw them away in the first place hahaha. GGGGG DON'T JUDGE ;A;/

Mmh.. I need a scanner hooked up sometime soon.