Mini Comics!!

Mini comics! everyone in class made one. Then we were told that we had to make 17 copies. My original was pretty fancy schmancy but then I messed up on printing the pages and didn't feel motivated to make the rest of the copies look nice. XD
For some reason I had never thought about making a quick zine before. They are incredibly easy and fun..


Stomach butterflies, too

A tribute to this short piece by a good friend Zack Giallongo! http://soggytoast.livejournal.com/157295.html
(Part of his Novasett series, http://novasett.com/.)

Support his works, they are absolutely wonderful! I thoroughly enjoy his character stylization! ;)


Skypeeee + other doodles

Doing doodles with Ash over Skype. SHE DREW NAPOLEON FOR MEEEEE AGHhhlove 8o8
It was based after a Hark, A Vagrant strip. (http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=135)

The *best*.

Also, 100th post! Yay!


Rococo girl WIP


Practicing people and stylization by turning photos into cartoons. I'm doing the coloring process completely wrong by not filling the entire thing before working in the details. But I enjoy doing it this way, so wutevaaa


P-Chat Party Date - Free sketch requests

I have 60 watchers now! XD Unfortunately I can't draw a celebratory post at the moment, since I just finished (http://yanyu.deviantart.com/#/d31sp76) and have to go to bed, but thank you so much! P-chat party will probably be on sunday, I'll have more details later.

Edit; MMMMM I'm a college student who doesn't drink, so I have no plans for halloween. !D: If you're interested in joining with me in p-chat, I'll be in Niko's around 9PM Eastern Time. I'm not sure which room I'll be in since the number of people in each one fluctuates, but you can easily check what room I'm in by the table of rooms at the left. My user is HeartOfVera, and I'll draw you free sketch requests!

edit; sorry for the time change. I wanted to make sure there'd be time to play valkyrie chronicles after making halloween treats :B

EDIT!; pchat was a success.


Thank You so much!

Just one more follower on this blog and it'll hit 60! I used to create so many ambitious blogs in the past, hoping that one day people will give a poop and join me in conversation. The old blogs have failed so many times, but this is the first blog that's ever stuck with me. I am sure my past self would be very impressed with my present self. I'm glad I stayed. I'm glad YOU stayed. Thank you all so very much. :)
Once I hit 60 I'll draw a celebratory post and have a pchat party, hahah. I'll let you all know if that will happen.


O Pink warrior

Kinda looks like a robot piccolo~



I slacked cause I wanted some sleep, so some parts look embarrassingly amateur-ish. I'm so sorry!!


Pchat again

with friends:


So old!!!! XD

1-2 yrs ago, I can't believe how much I've grown!



Oh my lawd these took way longer than they should have >:[



Experimental redesign of Ross and some shots of Vera


dA Muro

This is going to be addicting..


RikkiTikki!! @DeviantArt

I'm dedicating this post to an artist who doesn't get much-deserved attention for his gallery. Also because he is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists of all time--haha! Distinct action-vintage characters with a mysterious allure to each of their personalities, reminiscent to the golden age of cinema classic Casablanca--that's what I love and it's what he draws. I'm hoping he'll pump out a comic someday because I'm really interested in his simplistic (even almost european? secretly one of my goals to push my stuff into [haha]) style! Here's his gallery, above are some samples of his work. Amazing!

Things I prefer not to finish