I wasn't that thrilled about these


  1. oh my god! those shadows!! in all of them! and the style of the face in the first one- i am freaking out over here!! ahahahghgh!!! i would love to see a finished piece of the first one, if only to see how you draw long, long, long hair.

    the shadows/inking/idontknowartisticterms on all of the faces in the middle are FANTASTIC, so dramatic and stark and just. aghgh. wonderful. ;__; blurgh

  2. Hahahah thanks very much, but these were just imitations of Mike Mignola (Hell Boy). Everyone looks like they were never happy and never will be.. also everyone looks like either a zombie or a fish. XD I liked looking at Vera with a more western style.. short black hair is so badass. *__*

    I did like how the face came out on the one with long hair, so maybe I'll do a finish sometime soon. =)

    Thanks so much Em ^___^