Watching Hey Arnold while doing homework

And drawing Helga in MS Paint! It's really hard to resist doodling the characters on the side while working. Imagine if Helga let her hair down and straightened it, took care of her eyebrows and wore a little mascara? But I'd take her tomboyish self any day over that.


  1. She actually looks like Helga..but a very cute Helga XD Yeah ofcourse, her bad-arse tomboyish self totally pwns..but still this is very cute. MS paint ha ha super. Ah awesome to see another Hey Arnold fan here..seriously I hardly see any Hey Arnold Fanart on the internet. This show deserves more luff..oh well.

    Haven't been to your blog in a while, hope yer doin well :3

  2. XD I admit I havent been to mine in a while either, it's been so busy. How are you? I'm so happy that you still visit though!! ^____^ <33

    I AM SUCH A HUGE HA! NERD. XD There needs to be more cute HA! fanart out there, I agree. Let's nerd out together.

  3. She's cute! I like it. And I love that you did this in MS Paint--kind of inspiring. I miss the old Windows XP Paint ;^;

    Of course it's a little sloppy, but I honestly wouldn't have been able to do any better in terms of that. Plus, the abstract-like color job makes this more unique. Very nice, saved! ^^