A relaxing dump

I guess as you may have known, I've been growing onto John K's blog. XD Don't know why, but I never really got into it the first time I stumbled onto it. It may have been the highly opinionated posts, like rarararh CG cartoons suck rarararah what happened to all the colorful vintage ones. But then I found out that there are a lot of educational posts in there as well--which is rare, esp. coming from a professional who's worked in the animation industry! *SHAMESHAMESHAME* Anyways, his girls are super cute (even if a little too sexy for me at times).

I also need to stop being lazy and just use a scanner. My camera isn't doing me any good.

These below aren't really anyone in particular.

Christie's blog at paintdump.blogspot.com is really great. I love that she knows how to study energy and styles in anime.. that's how these got started.

Hnnnnnng can't get enough of it--life drawing is really fun and I plan on hiring models for sessions with friends sometime. I contacted one of them named John at AIB and the fee is not that expensive at all if split up. But if you prefer to pay it yourself, that's still affordable too.

lol don't do this. these are a bunch of expressions plastered on cookie cutter facial shapes. I was just bored and doodling during class.


  1. Wow what a great collection of sketches Jess!

  2. As long as they draw from life and don't draw directly based off of other artists. That drives me insane because they duplicate the mistakes of the artists they are inspired from without even knowing it.