P-Chat Party Date - Free sketch requests

I have 60 watchers now! XD Unfortunately I can't draw a celebratory post at the moment, since I just finished (http://yanyu.deviantart.com/#/d31sp76) and have to go to bed, but thank you so much! P-chat party will probably be on sunday, I'll have more details later.

Edit; MMMMM I'm a college student who doesn't drink, so I have no plans for halloween. !D: If you're interested in joining with me in p-chat, I'll be in Niko's around 9PM Eastern Time. I'm not sure which room I'll be in since the number of people in each one fluctuates, but you can easily check what room I'm in by the table of rooms at the left. My user is HeartOfVera, and I'll draw you free sketch requests!

edit; sorry for the time change. I wanted to make sure there'd be time to play valkyrie chronicles after making halloween treats :B

EDIT!; pchat was a success.


  1. Congrats! You have a wonderful blog ;)
    (I hope I can stick to mine and have a bunch of followers too!♥)

  2. Awesome! : D I've never tried p-chat so that might be interesting.
    I'm one of the new followers of your sketchblog and I must say that it is amazingly fun. : D

  3. Yesssss! ^____^ Niko's URL is pchat.mine.nu

    It requires registration, but it's worth it since it's a polite and stable server. I highly recommend a tablet, if you do draw!

  4. aww i go into work at 7pm and get out of work at 11. :( i'll probably be over by then. ;;