The Tortoise & The Hare

I totally want to be a comic artist. God damn it I should have drawn a naruto headband instead of the cat ears!


  1. That's just what you get for making out with every guy you see.

  2. I want this so bad. Holy crap, I should just sketch like a maniac tomorrow. See, every time I see anything good or interesting from you I feel like doing something crazy. @_@

  3. Aw, really? Thanks very much!! I'm glad it's giving that effect! ^____^ <33

    my secret: lots of COFFEE!
    haha but seriously. a lot of inspiration came from looney tunes (expressive cartoony) and just copying poses from capcom game manuals (chun-li ftw) over and over again until I've got the gesture and energy right. Pages and pages and pages of it!

  4. I am so that fat kid. I always win too.
    You could be a comic artist for sure. In fact, you're so good with comics I wish I could employ you to do work for me, since I think you'd do a better job than myself.