How to make Bubble Tea



  1. THIS IS SO ADORABLE GFKLGDF when i went to the scad summer seminar this summer i took sequential arts, and the project was to make a comic (using no words) explaining how to do something! i did how to make a strawberry milkshake, but this is making me envious I WISH I MADE SOMETHING LIKE THIS..

    it's so. gorgeous and pretty and funny GHGHG YOUR EXPRESSIONS AND THE FLUIDITY ON ALL OF THE PANELS ARE JUST PERFECT!! (also omg? thank you? for commenting on my blog? i am literally speechless every time ggg)

  2. What were all the ingredients? The ...fruit? I'm not sure what it was.

  3. Absolutely brilliant, what great seq art skills. I looooove the fluid motions on page 2. Fantastic!!

  4. emily; 8D omg sank yeeeew. yes this assignment is exactly that. I had forgotten to ask my teacher whether it was just someone doing something or something like a mechanical instruction manual. He told me there was too much acting and not enough focus on specific detailing (like where that second glass cup came from, and why that extra measuring cup didn't appear on the table in the previous panel before she held it to scoop the milk powder (and even then she didn't use it.. she just poured from the bag.)
    There are a lot of other personal errors I saw in this pic, but I was so tired to fix them at that point. ):
    But I love this class and I'm *trying* to put my FULLEST effort. haha
    I'm jealous you got to go to scad for a bit, I found out recently that Tyson Hesse used to go there. :D

    Silentiea; the ingredients list reads as:
    24g Sugar
    4g Milk Powder
    1/2 cup fresh fruit
    1/2 cup black tea
    1/2 water
    1 cup ice
    1/4 cup tapioca pearl

    Uhhh but I think this may be off a little bit. ): I work at a bakery and this was one of the many drinks I had to learn. I thought I had it memorized but I started doubting myself when I started this comic. XDD I figured the slight inaccuracies were irrelevant since all I had to do was draw a process.

    Ming; Thank you!! I applied some animation knowledge onto this comic piece. XD

  5. Jess you are awesome!

    makes me wanna go get some bubble tea right now!!

    But seriously, I love how much action and movement you showcase here!

  6. Totally reminds me of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/5553/ykk4copycbv2.jpg
    , sweet yet subtle. Now go and OWN ALL OF YOUR CLASSES >:D

  7. Luigi & Andrew.. thanks so much >w< >w<

    Ash, is that a manga about food? I have a growing love for that genre haha. I will check it out!

  8. Oh my god. Jess, this is completely adorable. XD Kind of in love with it. Awesome motion and camera angles!