Halloween in Ragnarok

Weak everything on lower body, but that's because i was more concerned with thinking about atmosphere/color/lighting on the head.


  1. HAHA too adorable, I can barely make out it's small whiskers but over all you nailed the mood and the textures give it an alluring, edgy look. You and Christina put me to shame *le sigh* I just don't have the patience for painting D:

  2. blarrrgh sorry i never replied to your comment about who the artist was on my influence map, it's rad sechrist:


    he's a storyboard artist at dreamworks, and he also has this great how-to blog:


  3. Ash; While practiicng does make you faster at it, I was surprised this only took me an hour to paint. Try this technique: http://th07.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2010/264/a/0/a0533580bb787f46221c381fc1b4bc53-d2z6rq7.jpg

    Kim; Haha it's ok, it's pretty hard to answer all replies right away when you don't get notified, (I do it all the time). Thanks for the links nyohoho

  4. The blotchy style with the mix of vivid colors, even with proportional mistake (which is hardly noticeable), is just eye catching! Thanks for sharing :D

  5. Wow very nice coloring! It's so beatiful!

  6. I love your art! I'm so happy LuigiL linked to your site on deviant art or I may not have found you! :) You rock!