Glade Design And Shine (hurr)

I figured, if you enter a bunch of unimportant sweepstakes at once you're bound to win something, right? Also yay, I somehow reached 50 watchers! Sorry there is no drawing to go with this post, I've been too feverish to have the energy to draw at night. D:

Until next time~


  1. Hope you get well soon! Maybe if you win at least one of the sweepstakes you'll get better faster =P

  2. I did that once, a lot of contests at once. I got a guitar hero water bottle. And um... an air freshener? Yeah, it was most useless besides the water bottle.

    Oh, and a temporary tattoo.

  3. I would like a free air freshener.
    Glade is offering $10,000 or something, lolol

  4. It wasn't a good one. It was the kind you hang behind the mirror in a car. Although it was decently interesting to look at. 50/50?