So much junk!! Nemuri inspired me to make this blog more cohesive and higher quality. Serge has taught me to be more patient and push my character drawings to a higher finish. Everyone is just very encouraging. I will try and improve this blog to its best! (Are the quality of the doodles better than when I first posted though? Hehe.)

Gee.. I want to make this blog a little more minimalistic looking. I might do a redesign as well. :c
This is the longest I've ever kept a blog. It's worth it!


  1. those are very pretty! I love the coloring of the skin and the facial expressions <3!

  2. Please continue this awesome blog Jess!

    I love coming by and looking through your doodles :)

  3. Woah, AWESOME! I love these drawings of yours and I definitely love checking out your blog every so often. Also great values on that guy at the top, and awesome colours on the guy in the middle. And that girl with those piercings, she's looking really cool! Actually all of them are ha ha.

    Yeah, I love your blog's layout now, its simple and cool. Also I like how you use a large image for the banner, instead of a narrow strip..which is nice too, but this definitely looks cool. :3

  4. Thanks everyone. ^______^