Google background

...is so cute! Even though I use chrome, which allows the address bar to be doubled as a search engine, I still love seeing the classroom I drew as the background. Quiet and studious, it's a beautiful thing. ;) Plus, the Google logo sits conveniently on an open space in the image.

Does anyone else use a google background? Hahah


  1. HAHA FYHKF is on your toolbar as well as Kelly Hamilton :3

  2. XD I know right, I use one too. Its this little raining animation I made, where this kid is standing with an umbrella and its raining around her and its like night there, its works as a pretty funky background. Especially since I love rain so much. I love this drawing of yours by the way, its really cool. Say you got CS 5 too then? Awesome :D

  3. Ash; Yeah I know. D: Sometimes I'm afraid that people will look at it and not know who she is. then they'll think "Why does she have a gallery of a girl bookmarked on her bar, what a pervert."

    Nox; ooh you're watching my blog!! XD Ah sweet, I didn't know animated images worked well too. Not that I have anything cute-worthy to use as a background, though. You'll have to show me a still of it sometime. XD
    This color test was done in CS3, I actually did not use CS4 that often and recently just got CS5. :3

  4. Wow you replied like a month ago..sorry about the late reply! XD Yeah I'm watching your blog, cause..well I like reading em blogs..yup. Plus its fun to have one too eh? Well I'd just finished making that animation when I found out that you could put background images on google (I think the feature came out a day ago)and since I couldn't think of any of my images that might fit this better..plus I wanted to see how it looked..with it raining all the time XD So I used that rainy day thingy. Oh sure..I actually made a screenshot a long time ago, here: http://lh5.ggpht.com/_4KUfmuvXT7M/THTz05VZ0nI/AAAAAAAABKA/a4Iog9J4c3Q/s800/google%20bg%201.JPG Yes, I know that it was done in CS 3..I actually used CS 3 myself and got CS 5 like 2 months ago..yeah But I still use CS 3 too. I've got this weakness towards CS 3..yeah
    : D