Ragnarok Online

=___= at home with a newly wiped hard drive.


  1. *pats on head* everything will be okay, I promise.

  2. OH HOLYCRAP WHAT do you play ragnarok ahhh EITHER WAY THESE DOODLES ARE ADORABLE i dig your style SO VERY MUCH <3 ;A; what do we have here a thief and crusader? the guy's face is too cute aghh and his little romantic flower aghsdkjh SORRY I'M GUSHING. <333

    aaaa sucks about your hardrive though man. hope you had some stuff backed uppp. D:

  3. Ash; ;3

    Licchan; Oh, no, it's backed up! But it's all back in my apartment in boston haha. I'm going back soon. :P

    The female is actually a bishop, I think that's what the collar looks like..? I couldn't look at the illustrations of the design since my internet wasn't working that day. XD

    Yes the guy is a crusader. :)

    I play (sometimes) at nyuubi-RO. XD
    Thank you!!

  4. Darn, oh well atleast you had it all backed up. I have yet to back up my stuff ;_; Cool art though. Love the colours and how simply you drew them. The guys expression is so cool ha ha. Definitely love your style >w<

  5. Nox omg you're too kind T3T

  6. Aw come on man, I'm just sayin it as it is :]