I'm so mad that the 2-month-old sony vaio laptop I bought already died. Something about the processor or whatever, but it was so sudden and out of nowhere. The last thing I did on it was type a page in /notepad/. Maybe I should have gotten the previous model (which isn't even that old), because it had a load less problems than the one I had.

So, I haven't been getting much work done cause of this inconvienence. At least all the stuff on it is still safe. I wonder when this will get fixed..

(Maya model above done on the computers at school. Also mad that it didn't properly save the bottom half I modeled, otherwise I'd have been done today with just the head left to finish.)



  1. so we're both computerless it really does suck....

  2. I forgot to type in the previous comment:
    The model is coming out really good, it has a nice poly flow to it as well.

  3. Thank yooou :3
    I hope it returns to me by tomorrow. HOPE!