Trip down memory lane. Tripping all over myself.

"omgahhhhhhhh so funny omfg giggles xoxox"

I got to look at a bunch of old digital art I did back in early highshool. Right now I'm at home, on my super old desktop computer. (It's.. BEIGE. I don't know how old it is but it must be ANCIENT.)

If you're wondering about how well I did in highschool.. well, this is it. ;[

I thought about drawing a modern version for comparison, like the poring animation.. but, nah. Though, there are some things I do want to revisit; like the brown palette from that witch drawing down there. GGGG YES I KNOW, IT'S ALL ANIME. ;A;/

sigh. all movie/game fanart. I'm so original. ;D

(p.s. I know I linked this blog to my account on facebook, but--it'd be nice to get comments here instead of there. Hahah, oh well--I wish comments could be posted both places at once on facebook, but whatever they're not really important to me. >;d )


  1. Ha ha... I remember when you showed me these freshman year. I also remember when you still prtty much drew this way.

    We go way back, Jessica, don't forget! =]

    ~*lustsful arrogance*~

  2. Ugh don't repeat that name, someone just asked if I could draw their character on RO hahah.
    And yeah, I know. ;o Yet still feels like new. o__o

  3. I am following you now! YEEEEEE!