Resuming Photoshop

Since photoshop cs4 has been giving me issues, I switched back to cs3 again. It's so quick now, it's mindblowing! I don't know why this is the way that it is, but I'm jsut glad I'm able to draw again. It was so slow that I couldn't even feel where my lines were going to go.

Now I can do my combo attacks again--pah-chah!!


  1. Yeah, CS4 is a major letdown. We got nothing but CS4 at school and all it does is crash, lag and make people cry. CS3 is superior! And cute sketch!

  2. I've heard of it crashing for others but it hasn't happened to me. It's only lagged pretty badly on certain computers for some reason (fine on macs but not on PCs..? Not saying one OS is better than the other, but I had to juggle between a lot of laptops until the one I ordered finally came in mail haha)

    and thank you! =)