AAA school has started

..And that means I bought a new sketchbook! I had run out of pages on my last sketchbook. These are within the past two days or so. I started inking with a brush again recently and it's been very fun. But I still want to try and use pen nibs.. ugh, maybe I'll use half and half? Brush for bigger illustrations, etc.? I like hatching, but I like the roughness a brush can get. Nnngghh I don't know. 8C
But anyways here are some DUMB FIGURE SKETCHES; me attempting to exaggerate my poses better and show a clearer idea of body gesture. HA! I started copying some poses to loosen up. Dreamworks is a little better since they tend to be more realistic as opposed to disney's A Goofy Movie, where everything is SO cartoony that I can't fit it into my style at all.
In other news, I finally added personality to the blog with minimal effort. Haha.

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